21 August 2015


Two new prints in my online shop, 'bloodyPIGEONS' and 'sunSOAKERS' both Giclee prints are on 250gsm Tintoretto Gesso sized 30 x 30 cm, open editions, signed and dated. Grab one or both here...bloodyPIGEONSprint
bloodyPIGEONSprintDETAIL sunSOAKERSprint sunSOAKERSprint

10 August 2015

'rainyDAYS' prints

My 'rainyDAYS' collage is now available as a giclee print, limited edition of 30, sized 30x30cm signed, dated and numbered. Buy one exclusively through Moosey Art gallery here... rainyDAYSprint rainyDAYSprint