28 June 2009


my interview in chinese magazine 100% o2, this is truley an amazing magazine nice and thick and super good printing, if you can find this buy it and hide it under your bed you will not regret it. this issue also has an interview with vincent pacheco who is a legend, look at his website now! click here

25 June 2009

WAFA collaborations

here are some collaboration postcards i did with miss brandi strickland for WAFA. if you don't know who brandi is you are missing out, this super talented north carolinian will soon be a household name. check out her website here.

18 June 2009

WAFA collective

I have joined the WAFA collective, we are a group of artist from america and europe that will be working on collaborations, shows and idea sharing. have a look at the old website here, the new and improved one is on its way. these are some postcards which i made and sent out to the other members of the collective for collaborate on.

11 June 2009

space hoppers are go

my space hoppers illustartion was selected for the 3x3 illustration annual no.6 out in fall, which i guess is around april which is ages away, nevermind its still exciting.

10 June 2009

i love car boot sales!!!!

todays car boot was amazing!!! i've been posting all my car boot finds on my flickr account so if you want to see more of my found treasures (with notes) click here.

5 June 2009


i'm back in the land of eng, so expect a lot more happening on here and updates on my website. i've got a lot of colour that needs serving up.