30 June 2008

todays letter is

"r" is for resisting. resisting not to pick up all the junk i see on the floor, taking it home and adding it to all the other junk i've not been able to resist picking up.

25 June 2008

the headless hound

i've been working on some new things so expect a website update soon, but for now i present you to the headless hound, he is a legend around this way.

19 June 2008

blog lucky dip

i've found a new game that i call 'blog lucky dip', if you scroll to the top of this page in the little blue bit there is a Next Blog>>, click it and you will get directed to some persons random blog. occasionally you can find some real gems, like this photo of the coolest fence i have ever seen.

16 June 2008

peas, teens and bad bands

just got back from the nass festival, dirt box was sponsoring the event and i some how got convinced to be a judge. was good catching up with rollershoe friend from around the country which is always brilliant. was a pretty long drive but we got to see stonehenge and a bridge with peas written on it which i took a shinning too. peas are really good you should eat them more often, viva los peas!

10 June 2008

lost puppy

ive spent the day designing a print ad for dirt box and listening to the kills. this photo has been on my wall for a while so i decided to spruce it up a little, think it looks better now.

7 June 2008

bloody english weather

the weather has been really miserable lately and the lack of sun has turned me into a right old grump, luckily i was looking at photos of dogs on flickr and came across this gem which cheered me a up so much im now off to the beach.

3 June 2008

bonny babies

its that time of the year again, when cruel deranged parents take their poor children down to norwich's finest mall and enter them into the bonny baby competition. the contenders are then printed in the paper which gives people like myself hours of entertainment.these two chaps get my vote this year.