27 July 2008

sunny days

the suns been shinning and the weather has been sweet. i've been busy making work for an up coming exhibition in the norwich art centre, more details coming soon but for now here is horse boy....

19 July 2008

gone to the dogs

my blogs gone a bit to the dogs lately sorry i'll post up some decent work soon i promise. but first i need to post this final photo, dogs on bikes has to be one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

15 July 2008

paris mega hound post

im back from paris, had a really good time but glad to be home to be able to cook some good food. the french struggle on the vegetarian front but the fine wine and cheese definitely makes up for it.

11 July 2008

paris hound post

paris has been amazing so far, have had many a stroll around with my french fancy friends, seen loads of mini hounds and a park where dogs weren't allowed to go walking with their leads in their mouths, that is just rude.

7 July 2008


off to paris tomorrow for a week, i'll hopefully learn some french. if not i should definitely find some treats to bring back.