31 August 2008

still moving

still unpacking and setting up stuff in our new penthouse, buying new furniture has been really good also been finishing off my work for the 'peripheral vision' exhibition. more news and work coming soon.

24 August 2008

moving house

in the process of moving house, more work coming as soon as all the boxes are unpacked.

14 August 2008

4 August 2008

publish and be damned

i was in london on sunday went to the book/zine fair, publish and be damned which was pretty hot and hectic. there was some german artist dressed in a leotard who offered to write me a love poem if i bought his book, i politely turned down his offer and went looking for 'the arts pneumonia' stand who had some of my work in their latest journal which has a science theme. there was the best black pug at the fair, gemma and i tried to steal her but her owners weren't having any of it. also managed to go and see the cy twombly show at tate modern which was brillant, it was great to see his painting up close they are so epic.

1 August 2008

my new favorite

the singing chaps face is the best, also love the guys in the back doing a really out of  out of sync dance, this song is pure summer.