28 September 2009

new shop installation

here are a few photos of the new shop installation i just put up for bespoke boutique in norwich. if your in the area be sure to go and have a peek, they have some very nice clothes in there too.

24 September 2009

back to the clinic...

i've just finished some new pieces for the super duper night that the clinic collective are organizing in london on the 29 september at the amersham arms. there will be art, poetry and music so if your in the area get down there and do some butt wiggling. click on the flyer for more info.

19 September 2009

interview madness...

its all gone a bit interview mad recently, thanks to will bryant for the interview on 'porch of the mystics' and emma for the interview on 'the culture vultures' be sure to have a click around on both blogs cause there is loads more to see and read than just my coffee drinking, dog loving interviews. also if you live in korea be sure to pick up a copy of this month Vogue girl as i've got an interview in that too, for everybody else i'll post some photo of the interview soon as i get my copy. 

10 September 2009

tea lounge anyone?

just finished installing some collages in the 'tea lounge' in norwich, also on display some prints by the lovely gemma correll. if your in the area be sure to stop by and have a little look see as well as some coffee, tea and cake.

7 September 2009

you need to visit the clinic..

thanks to sean parker from the 'clinic collective' for giving me a shout out on their blog. this group of london based artist, poets and photojournalist have some big planes for the future so you best keep an eye out for them.