15 December 2009

13 December 2009

show some fear

my two pieces for the FEAR exhibition opening on the 15th Dec at the Lock Tavern (Camden) London, get yourself down there the people from clinic are behind this one so guaranteed loads of good things happening.

6 December 2009

5 December 2009

prints charming

i have some prints on show and for sale at the prints charming exhibition at welcome home store in glasgow, scotland. if your in the area be sure to swing by there are some great artists involved and all prints are £20 and under!

1 December 2009

prints for sale

i've got some prints for sale on society 6, need to do some xmas shopping? click on the photo for link to shop...

17 November 2009

kult magazine

these just dropped through my door, its the new kult magazine from singapore featuring my illustration, not only is this a great print mag but there is also an amazing interactive online version of it as well as an old school arcade which tour around, be sure to check out the website.

16 November 2009

new sugar magazine

i have an interview and some new work in issue 8 of new sugar magazine, you can have a look see and read here.

11 November 2009

WAFA shout outs

WAFA's postcard project got a shout out on the Tokion blog which is pretty exciting, we been working on loads of new project and bits so be sure keep an eye on our site for updates.

6 November 2009

8mm extravagansa...

i dug out my super 8 and 8mm film collection the other day, forgot just how many i had. expect to see some more films from me soon, i have a few ideas floating around my head.

27 October 2009


my 'the hounds' zine is featured in the november issue of the Korean VOGUE girl, along with a little interview.

15 October 2009

car boot i miss you....

winter is kicking in and gone are the days of this summers car boot sales, here are a few photos from my phone of bits that caught my eye but i didn't commit to buying.

11 October 2009


a little film i made in 2007, finally got around to getting it online, it's based on the Charles Bukowski poem "Dinosauria, we" the footage was filmed off a television screen using Super 8 film.

4 October 2009


my work for the TAKE//USE exhibition in london, the show is all about found objects.

28 September 2009

new shop installation

here are a few photos of the new shop installation i just put up for bespoke boutique in norwich. if your in the area be sure to go and have a peek, they have some very nice clothes in there too.

24 September 2009

back to the clinic...

i've just finished some new pieces for the super duper night that the clinic collective are organizing in london on the 29 september at the amersham arms. there will be art, poetry and music so if your in the area get down there and do some butt wiggling. click on the flyer for more info.

19 September 2009

interview madness...

its all gone a bit interview mad recently, thanks to will bryant for the interview on 'porch of the mystics' and emma for the interview on 'the culture vultures' be sure to have a click around on both blogs cause there is loads more to see and read than just my coffee drinking, dog loving interviews. also if you live in korea be sure to pick up a copy of this month Vogue girl as i've got an interview in that too, for everybody else i'll post some photo of the interview soon as i get my copy. 

10 September 2009

tea lounge anyone?

just finished installing some collages in the 'tea lounge' in norwich, also on display some prints by the lovely gemma correll. if your in the area be sure to stop by and have a little look see as well as some coffee, tea and cake.

7 September 2009

you need to visit the clinic..

thanks to sean parker from the 'clinic collective' for giving me a shout out on their blog. this group of london based artist, poets and photojournalist have some big planes for the future so you best keep an eye out for them.

31 August 2009


i was invited by vienna based artist marek haiduk to participate in his experimental project. RVLVR is a project consisting of different artists using at least one of some given picture material to create new artwork.

30 August 2009

book by its cover

sorry about the lack of posts its all been a bit manic about here latterly. my 'Le Dot' zine was featured on the amazing blog 'book by its cover', a great blog where not only can you see great books and zines but get sneak peeks of artist sketchbooks. thanks to julia for the post and everybody who bought my zine.

16 August 2009

NEW ZINE!!!!!!!

"the hounds" has arrived! 32 page, full colour, 7.5 x 7.5 inch zine featuring all your favorite hounds. buy one here