26 March 2012

WAFA animated gifs

my contribution to the WAFA a+b zine project. after spending a couple of weeks construction the 70+ collaboration zines and mailing them out to people around the world to work in, it felt quite therapeutic chopping my copy of the zine up and creating these animated gifs. for more info about the project and to see what other artist have done with their copies visit the WAFA site.
WAFAa+b zine gif
WAFAa+b animated gif

22 March 2012

WICCA agency

i am happy to announce that i am now represented by the WICCA agency, their website has just launched go have a little nose around.
WICCA agency

19 March 2012


this weeks online shop special is the 'Bella zine deal'. Get a FREE copy of my new 'quiet in the back please' zine with any order over £5, $8 or €6. its a black&white, A6, 22pages of brand new collage work... http://shopanthonyzinonos.com/

6 March 2012

speedyWEDGEboys & rebelHOUNDS

a couple of the collages from my new 'wacky racers' series, you can see all of them here.