29 July 2009

euro travels...

im currently in belgium, will have more updates in a few days when im in germany and i don't have to use the free mcdonalds wifi, i feel so dirty....

21 July 2009


my work was posted on super blog booooooom, be sure to check it out the blogs a beast.

18 July 2009

work in progress

working on a new shop display for bespoke boutique should be up in a week or two will keep you posted.

11 July 2009

7 July 2009

more WAFA postcards

more WAFA postcard collaborations these are the ones that i sent to brandi strickland to work on, scroll down to see what they looked like before.

5 July 2009

BG magazine

did some illustartions for BG magazine in ecuador. yes that is harry potter as the devil, he is a little satanic chump.