30 November 2008

new work

recently ive been riding on stinky buses, drinking loads of coffee and doing some new work, here is a little taster (click on the image to see it bigger)

20 November 2008

new "Le Dot" zine

my new "Le Dot" zine is now available on the shop on my website. it's a 16 page, black and white A6 zine featuring the special "Le Dot" stickers. free postage worldwide!

13 November 2008

feel good fridge decor

i designed some fridge magnets for accordion apparel, they are 58mm in size and come in pairs of twos, all proceeds will go straight to Leukaemia CARE. so decorate your fridge and do your bit for a good charity, buy these chaps here

5 November 2008

salvation in arizona

in arizona at the moment, found this amazing salvation army in flagstaff that had a yard full of piles of amazing stuff. watched the final elections in pheonix was good to see obama winning and am excited to see what he can do for america. heading to see the grand canyon next, got to go see what the fuss is all about.