20 March 2013


my piece for the ‘mail me art’ book and show happening late july in london, u.k. more details here... mailMEartFRONT mailMEartBACK

18 March 2013


a couple of new collages made using postcard images of norfolk created for the 'wider than a postcard' show curated by Sven Davis at breeze block gallery in portland, u.s.a. more details here canWEgoHOMEnowI"MgettingCOLD canWEgoHOMEnowI'MgettingCOLD youCANTjustDIGyourselfOUTofHERE youCAN'TjustDIGyourselfOUTofHERE

13 March 2013


very excited to be exhibiting in Costa Rica this month with a prime group of weirdos. my collage has been used for the poster and I also have an interview up on the weird show site which you can read here...