30 September 2008

sexy time

i have an illustration in the new sex themed issue of A5 magazine, its a pretty hot and saucy issue so you should get your hands on a copy.

28 September 2008

hey ho rojo!

the chaps over at rojo posted a linked of my work on their website. be sure to check out their site and browse their shop, they publish an amazing magazine and brilliant little hardcover books.

18 September 2008

shinning shinning

did two collages for shinning magazine have a click here to see them and some other swanky work by others from around the world.

16 September 2008

im back

im back in the fine city, went and set up my work for the PERIPHERAL VISION exhibition at norwich art centre. private view is this thursday : 5 - 7 pm come along and have a little sniff around and drink some free wine.

5 September 2008

flip flops and sunglasses

im off to greece for two weeks to visit the ma and pa, expect a mega post when i get back.

3 September 2008

london trip

spent a few hours in london today went down to art fag around, there were two exhibitions i really wanted to see. the 'le gun' exhibition at rochelle school and the 'mystery spot' in the middle of nowhere.the 'le gun' show was amazing one of the best ive seen in a long time, its not every day you get to see a squint jesus, a smoking bunny and a room and all its contents made out of cardboard, really amazing.