31 March 2009

arteri magazine

this just dropped through my door, it is the 'new photography: seeing through the socio-anthropological lens' issue of Arteri magazine. some of my photos were selected to be in it, which im pretty happy about.

27 March 2009

triangle treat

i did a little shop display for bespoke boutique in norwich, sorry photos arn't too great need to go back and take some proper ones.

15 March 2009


i spent the last few days in luxembourg drooling over the magazines at the colophon independent magazine symposium, stayed in some crazy 80's hotel with amazing decor.

10 March 2009

ink it up

one of my collages was selected to be in the ink catalogue which is now available to download here.

4 March 2009

the phobias project

here is my contribution to the phobias project, i went for carnophobia seen as im not too big a fan of the meat feast.