28 May 2013


my 'justGOtalkTOher' and 'theSHALLOWend' collages are now available as limited edition giclee prints on the Culture Label site thanks to Jotta, there are only 40 prints of each grab one here... justGOtalkTOher theSHALLOWendCROP

18 May 2013


My ‘justADMITitWEareLOST’ collage is now available as a limited edition Giclee print from the awesome W.E.L.C.O.M.E store. Only 10 available, signed and numbered, grab one here… limitedEDITIONprint

14 May 2013


my postcard for the 'Big Draw' charity show which will be taking place at Urban Graphic in Bristol, U.K on the 30th of May.
bigDRAW postcards

8 May 2013