24 June 2012


super excited to be involved in this group show next month... more info about the show and previous art trek shows here artTREK9

22 June 2012

‘nextPLANEoutOFhere’ my collage in the new mekanik copulaire #4, buy one it's super swanky and full of amazing collage artists from all over the world… nextPLANEoutOFhere mekanik copulaire #4 mekanik copulaire #4

21 June 2012


spent a few days in athens,greece last week, such an inspiring place regardless of all the chaos and madness. here are a few photos from my phone. athens2 athens6 athens4 athens1 athens3 athens5

18 June 2012

some promo booklets i made for WICCA with custom covers and fancy stuck in bits. wiccaPROMObooklets wiccaPROMObooklet detail wiccaPROMObooklet inside wiccaPROMObooklet back

4 June 2012


my website is getting a face lift so is going to be in a bit of a mess for a couple of days.... underCONSTRUCTION