23 December 2008

happy happy joy joy....

here is a little xmas decoration i made for the YCN tree. happy holidays all, eat, drink and be merry.

18 December 2008

its great

great news, ive got some work in the new "great" zine made by the great chelsea martin and brandon scott gorrell, did i mention that its great? well it is.  

16 December 2008

mini protest

this is my little protest board that i designed for "the 60 years project". its in celebration of the universal declaration of human rights which was passed 60 years ago this december. for more information about the project click here.

9 December 2008

collage blog

i did a little interview for "not paper" which you can read here. "not paper" is an amazing blog all about collage, so if cutting and sticking is your kind of thing you'll love this blog there is loads of good work on it so be sure to have a good look around.