23 May 2012


i did a lecture and collage workshop at a local college here in Norwich,U.K. it was great fun and really inspiring to see a bunch of teens making some great collages and a big mess :) workshop1 workshop2

22 May 2012

13 May 2012


something new for a upcoming show in Rome, Italy. more info on the way..... justGOtalkTOher

8 May 2012

i've been framing some work for the Other Art Fair happening this week in London, I'll be showing and selling some pieces on the Savorr stand. more info about the fair here.

6 May 2012


it's official car boot season 2012 has started, this is bigger than the olympics! here is my loot from wednesday....

3 May 2012


The latest commission that I am working on for Nestea, is an ongoing story written by Nestea fans on facebook. You can follow the story of Bruno the bumble bee and join in on the storytelling here: https://www.facebook.com/NesteaEurope & https://www.facebook.com/NESTEACanada springSTORY