31 May 2008

kids of america

i'd forgotten about these little chaps, i bought them in an antique mall in salinas,a little place in california where john steinbeck was from. later that day i got a parking ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street,it was pretty confussing driving on the other side of the road.

27 May 2008

stationary fiends

due to the bad weather on sunday we couldnt go car booting, so today gemma and i went to the range and staples for a stationary fix. here is gemma doing a little dance of stationary joy.

20 May 2008

the irony

spent the weekend up in manchester in the northern rain, its funny how in england if you want to know what season it is you look at what the mannequin are wearing.

9 May 2008

little notebooks

i've been busy making these little notebooks which are on sale at the red door gallery in edinburgh. they are made out of vintage and recycled paper.click on the image to see it bigger.

6 May 2008

messy studio

today i cleaned my studio cause it was getting to the stage where i couldn't find anything.

2 May 2008

threadless design

did a t-shirt design for threadless, you can vote for it here. think its a bit to strange for the american voters though, they keep asking what it is.