29 April 2008

26 April 2008

amelia's reject

i did this illustration for amelia's magazine, the theme was "positive future", unfortunately it wasn't selected for their next issue, i did however get an email which was pretty funny saying:
As I also don't have time to respond to you individually, here are the main reasons why yours may not have been chosen: I hope they are helpful:
A lot of people did not properly explore the subject matter or respond to the brief and resources provided properly.
It was not the right size or shape for my pages.
Your style is not right for me.
You will probably know which one of these applies to you, and I hope that you will buy the mag to see the illustrations which made it - the next issue looks great.
i like how at the end of the 'tutorial' they still try to get you to buy the magazine.

24 April 2008

made me chuckle

came across the new mini cooper print adds today, most car ads are just a waste of time and money but these are brillant.

18 April 2008

friends fathers shed

one day ill own a shed like this where i can store all the junk i collect.

14 April 2008

car boot goods

car boot session has officially started. they are one of the many things i love about summer, there is nothing better than wondering around in the sun buying other peoples junk. here is a drawing of the camera i bought yesterday, another to add to my collection.

12 April 2008

must watch film

went and watched 'son of rambow' last night which was brillant, highly recommended. it reminded me of when i was small and wanted to be just like MacGyver, i once stole some of my moms tampons and hung them around the garden and pretended they were some radio censor bomb things, the joys of being a kid. anyway go watch it.

9 April 2008

cheeky find

i found this in a 70's 'better home and gardens' magazine, it made me chuckle specially cause its sold by anthony enterprise and is available in 4 different sizes.

7 April 2008

london trippin

spent this weekend in london, went down for a launch party for the new kingdom magazine. which reminded me that i hadnt posted about the photo i took which was published in the last issue as well as the dirt box ad on the back cover which i designed. the party was a goodun and i saw a massive dog on the way home which is always a highlight.