20 September 2012


my piece from the SPACE//FORM show at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland U.S.A is now available online, more details here…

17 September 2012


i created these two t-shirt designs for the 'yellow bird project' a while ago, not sure when they will be coming out...
 YBPyellow YBPblue

10 September 2012


a couple of illustration for Air Emirates ‘Open Skies’ magazine, for article about the film Jaws and another about Alastair Campbell. JAWS JAWS2 politics

3 September 2012


really excited to be apart of the SPACE/FORM show in Portland,OR curated by Sven Davis at Breeze Block Gallery, if you are in the area don’t miss it there are some amazing artist taking part.below is my piece 'sailingINTOtheNIGHT'... Space/Form show sailingINTOtheNIGHT